Commodity Insights

Our Approach

Commodity markets are global, complex, dynamic and rapidly evolving.  This presents new challenges and opportunities where market fundamentals alone no longer provide the knowledge to respond to these changes. Instead, an innovative mindset and multi-disciplinary skill set and market experience are needed to interpret the impacts of government policy, weather patterns, social change and consumer behaviour.

Commodity Insights’ team of subject matter experts can distil these evolving themes into strategic insights, helping clients navigate the structural and temporal/cyclical nature of changes in commodity markets.

We do this by being:


We monitor, assess and analyse the latest market developments as they evolve. From green steel to carbon pricing, from energy substitution to electric vehicles, we can inform clients of the potential impact of these changes to their business through a range of custom datasets, forecast models and bespoke consulting projects.


Our versatile team consists of technically and commercially savvy experts with significant commodity industry experience, who understand the numerous macro and industry-specific forces that shape commodity markets, and integrate these as value-adding insights through our solutions.


Our agile approach enables us to work with clients of all sizes and requirements. We are driven by bringing value to your specific situation.