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Nickel Laterite Study Case Study

Nickel Laterite Supply

Global demand for stainless steels and other alloys are driving demand for nickel laterite


With nickel laterite a key raw material for Chinese NPI production, our client wanted to understand the risks and opportunities of laterite ore supply. To meet this goal, we proposed a desktop review of nickel laterite reserves and resources, mining policies, infrastructure constrains and environmental regulations across Indonesia, New Caledonia, PNG and the Philippines.


Given the global trend of electric vehicle adoption and the potential constraint of lithium feedstock to meet the demand for battery metals, our methodology involved an assessment of potential nickel laterite supply with a focus on the APAC region. Having undertaken similar analysis in other commodity markets we implemented a market study using primary research to quantify the current and future supply of nickel laterite.


We provided the client with a detailed overview of the competing nickel laterite supply options across the APAC region, including potential growth of mining supply and risks on mining industry in those countries. This enabled the client to complete their M&A process, informed by a robust research methodology.

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