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Mongolian Minerals Policy Assessment Case Study

Mongolia Minerals Policy Assessment

An investment bank was concerned that the unpredictable regulatory environment would have a negative impact on their investments.


Operating in the Mongolian mining sector has the potential to be very profitable, but the unpredictable regulatory environment since 2009 has seen the industry decline significantly.

Our client sought to understand how to revive investor interest in Mongolia’s abundant mineral reserves. To meet this goal, we proposed a desktop review of Mongolia’s legislative framework with an emphasis on limitations to foreign investment and potential risks.


Building on our in-depth understanding of the Mongolian economy and experience with Mongolia’s mining legislation, we recommended a qualitative report focused on an assessment of foreign investment in the country.


We provided the client with a detailed overview of the legislative framework governing the Mongolian mining industry. This provided the client with the necessary information to make an informed assessment of the current Mining Law including detailed case studies of both positive and negative outcomes from investing in Mongolia.

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