Data Portal

Leveraging our globally recognised databases, models, market intelligence tools and over 30 years of energy expertise, Commodity Insights has developed a full suite of energy information services to feed your analysis and data management system.


The Commodity Insights data portal offers 24/7 access to comprehensive and up-to-date global commodity information as well as robust and exclusive forecasts so that you can get a well-rounded answer to any question using the following tools:

  • Country-level charts
  • In-depth analyses
  • Diligent market intelligence with customisable tools
  • Online databases with proprietary and user-friendly interfaces
  • Independent in-house forecasts

Benefits of the data portal:

  • Access over 400 first-class statistical sources in a single interface covering up to 186 countries
  • Utilize our exclusive benchmarks of official data, including exclusive outputs from our Forecasting Models
  • Simplified research thanks to harmonised data and units
  • Multiple delivery options including 24/7 online access, Excel/PDF exports, Data push in .csv format