Asian Demand Forecast to 2046

  • Global seaborne thermal coal market outlook;
  • Demand outlook to 2046 by country, based on new capacity, energy policy, economic growth, etc;
  • Supply outlook to 2046 by country based on demand and price forecast (induced supply model);
  • Estimate of latent supply capacity in various regions;
  • Asian demand forecast under 5 modeled scenarios (base, demand bull/bear and supply bull/bear).

Asian Thermal Coal Market Outlook to 2021

  • Asian thermal coal demand by country;
  • Asian thermal coal supply outlook to 2021 by country;
  • Market balance and price outlook for Asian thermal coal to 2021;
  • Position of asset on cost curve.

Indonesian Export Forecast to 2035

  • Indonesian energy needs assessment and energy mix forecast to 2035, based on key policy announcements;
  • Detailed analysis of current coal supply, including breakdown by quality, province, reserves and resources, and infrastructure by mode;
  • Detailed cost analysis of Indonesian coal supply, including full cost curve and breakdown by cost component by province;
  • Analysis of Indonesian thermal coal power plants – current and planned – including sources of coal and likely demand profile;
  • Forecast of Indonesian coal production, domestic demand (power, cement and other sectors) and exports to 2035.

NSW Export Forecast to 2040

  • Annual forecast of exports by mine to 2040, based on current mine plans and approvals;
  • Annual forecast of exports by mine to 2040, for brownfield and greenfield mines, based on submitted approvals and estimated commencement dates;
  • Estimation of remaining reserves by mine (operating, brownfield and greenfield) post-2040, to understand the future export potential from NSW.